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NOTICE: The website disappeared from Februuary 2010 until August 2014, and is now back due to the kindness of my friend Scott Rider, who is providing web hosting. Heartfelt thanks go out to him for his participation in renewing our web presence!

We are no longer a business. This means we no longer sell kits or products of any kind. However, the site will remain as a free service to the haunting community, and will continue to be updated.


MOTOR UPDATE: The new version of the 6 rpm FCG motor is part number 1MBF5 (Dayton) and it is available at: http://www.electricmotorwarehouse.com/Dayton/2Z804.htm (1MBF6 is the second motor -12 rpm - for the Hitcher mechanism.)

Maurice Cedeno has invented a motorized version of the Grave Popper, which is a nice alternative for those who don't wish to use Pneumatics. See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rklUl429ndM and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-vQ5yU5b-DE for movies of the prop and his haunt. You may contact him at mozon1967@gmail.com

A neat tip: Phantasmechanic Kevin Meagher offers a method of flying an FCG outside of a window while keeping the motor platform indoors and out of the weather. Click here for complete details and a link to his illustrations. (Kevin admits that it's still on the drawing board, but I already know it'll work with the right tweaking. ;-)

And so... If you have a neat adaptation of a non-FCG prop from our site, be sure to tell us about it! We may feature it with a story on the site. Or, if you have a unique adaptation of the FCG mehcanism - such as the one above - we'd love to see that as well. (If you can create a custom page we can link to, it would be helpful!)

email: dougferg@sbcglobal.net

Call me at 817-361-0024 if you need assistance, or just want to talk haunting. :-) Be sure to note our new address:

Doug Ferguson - Phantasmechanics - 8009 Branch Hollow Trail - Ft. Worth, TX 76123



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Just Imagine: Halloween! - An introduction to haunted imagineering

Audience Focus in Haunted Attractions - A concise guide to planning a better haunted attraction, with hypothetical examples

Cautions! - Please read this before you build!

Haunting with Compressed Air - All the basics of compressed air, and the Grave Popper mechanism.
The Coordinate Ghost System - our most complex single prop project
The Flying Crank Ghost (FCG) - Our pride and joy! Will you be next to build one?
Victoria -An FCG Back Story - How to make your creation come alive

The Hitcher - a two-motor prop that gives you three miniature (1/3 life-size) hitch-hiking ghosts!
Harry the Hitcher - Phantasmechanic
Joseph Keller's life sized single hitch-hiker prop - it's way cool!
A Clarification on Pepper's Ghost (see also the Haunted Hotel, below)
Custom, precision versions of our FCG and Hitcher props, engineered by phantasmechanic Brad Walstrom
The Grave Jumper Project - A primitive tombstone pop-up (see our compressed air chapter above for a more 'civilized' and practical version.)
A.L.F. - The Lamp Flicker Emulator - for experienced builders
Easy Lamp Flicker Gadgets

Grim Organist Plans
And the organist builders (site search may be required):
McDonald Manor - by Dan Oberly
Baron Flesh Von Riptopen!- By Tom Marchak
deviousconcoctions.com - By Brent

Note: For those of you who are building an organist of any kind, reasonably priced keyboards and organ cabinets can be had by contacting Ryan Meldahl at meldahlr@yahoo.com. Be sure to tell him that we sent you.

The Dark Ride Project
The Conclusion of the Dark Ride Project - What went right - and wrong.

Dark Ride: the story - a novella by Doug Ferguson. A curious young lad's obsession with dark rides leads him to near disaster, a mysterious new friend - and straight through the bang doors of the twilight zone!

The Haunted Hotel - Pepper's Ghost in a miniature setting

Product Review - Lemax's true mini-blacklights make tiny UV effects a snap!

Our 2004 Home Haunt - with cool stuff to copy!

Other Night Creatures - Our links page



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  Our image page is now being hosted by Pat Jones. I will be passing all images to him, or - preferably - you can send them directly to him at Pat@kickthefog.com. Feel free to use the above banner on your own project page if you wish. A link back to us would be appreciated!



Most every technique used by today's Halloween haunters was learned from visits to classic dark rides and walk-through attractions. If you don't know about this rich legacy, you owe it to yourself to visit this excellent site. Allow yourself some time - you'll want to see it all, and there's a lot to see! (By the way, I am now a proud contributor and editor for this site, so check it out!)


A Unique
Dark Ride Project
Have a look at Tom Gore's latest project on the
Dark Ride and Funhouse Enthusiasts
site. He's using vintage spinning Pretzel cars! Be sure to visit the entire site while you're there, too...
(Tom now has his own site at: http://www.bricktownamusement.com)
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