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Above: Chris Baker's awesome podcast radio for haunters. (I've been interviewed for episode 15, so go grab it!)

Above: An association for haunted prop builders and haunters in general. Check it out!

The links that follow lead to sites provided by other Halloween hobbyists and professionals. Each of these provides further links, which spread like tendrils through the web. There's no escaping it: Halloween is growing... out of control! As with the rest of this site, links on this page will be added regularly. If you have a Halloween related site, and would like to be listed, drop me a line and tell me.

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Haunted Pages:

Haunts, Haunt Suppliers, Designers and Builders:

  • Haunted Attraction Magazine (http://www.hauntedattraction.com) - a quarterly publication for the haunted amusement industry.
  • Jerry Chavez: Hauntmeister and Inventor (http://members.aol.com/spookyfx/index.html) - Imagineer-for-hire. His site includes instructions for making a corpse... with materials costing only about $30. You have to see these things to believe them!
  • A. Harlequin Costume & Magic (http://www.costumemagic.com/) - Tad Peters offers products for Halloween, for magicians, and make-up and costumes for children and adults. Custom wedding attire is also available, themed for Renaissance or Medieval periods... Christmas and Easter holidays... You name the occasion, and Tad will provide a costume appropriate to it!
  • Haunt Master Products, Inc (http://hauntmasterproducts.com) - Jim Kadel (jimk@rica.net) hosts this site. He's another Halloween-L regular. The featured product line is the Fright Lite, a incandescent lamp flickerer (more sophisticated than our do-it-yourself ALF) that runs a repeating 20-second cycle, including guttering and strobing effects. Three reasonably-priced models are available, each with increasing watt-handling capacity.
  • The Nightmare Factory (http://www.nightmarefactory.com/factory.html) - This is a large Austin, Texas haunt.
  • The Haunted House Gateway (http://www.xmission.com/~spl_efx/haunted_house/hhouse.html) - Links to selected haunt suppliers are provided here.
  • Scream Queens (http://www.screamqueen.com/sqprops.htm) - They are vendors of scary masks, 'body parts', and larger, more elaborate set pieces. The site includes an online catalog.
  • Trendmasters (http://www.trendmasters.com) - This toy company also specializes in seasonal items, and has an interesting Halloween line: Decorative items, mechanical and non-mechanical, electrical and battery operated.
  • American Science and Surplus (http://www.sciplus.com) - They offer an online catalog of discount-priced gadgets, of possible interest to budget imagineers.
  • Grainger (www.grainger.com) - A source for the Dayton gearmotor line described in the plans found on this site, among many other electrical and mechaincal parts. They are a wholesaler, so be prepared to buy through your company, or a friend's.
  • Smarthome (http://www.techmall.com/smarthome/index.html) This company offers a line of X-10 system products. For those who don't know, X-10 is a plug in control system for homes, that uses a signal travelling through the A.C. power lines to cue remote boxes, which can switch and dim lamps, switch motors, or do other tasks. Computer interfaces are available, allowing the entire house (or haunt) to be automated from a central location. There is a distance limit, and interference is possible, but the system is quite useful, and many haunters have adopted it.
  • Jim Smith Productions Halloween Page (http://www.angelfire.com/biz/jvprods/halloween.html)A haunted house, special effects and costume page, offering hand-made Halloween puppets and masks for sale.

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